ACRIFAB modular counters and showcases. This range incorporates our range of aluminium-framed glass showcases & counters together with our range of modular timber counters and base cabinets. The “ACRIFAB” system provides you with an exceptionally versatile method for display, storage, presentation and serving.

An “ACRIFAB” aluminium-framed showcase provides you with a high value presentation of your valuable merchandise. In fact, displaying your merchandise in a showcase will greatly enhance its perceived value while offering the obvious security benefits.. You will benefit from the strength of construction of the aluminium frame, heavy duty die-cast corner joints and our use of toughened glass throughout. To accentuate the appeal of your merchandise we offer a full range of lighting solutions that can be incorporated into the cabinets.

Our range of timber counters and base cabinets provide you with a fully functional system that can be customized to suit your requirements. Base cabinets are available with a range of storage options to maximise the available space in your retail area.

The “ACRIFAB” modular showcase system is more than just a cabinet where you can lock away some valuable merchandise – it is a complete integrated, dynamic display system to drive your business forward.




Jewellery Sports Stores / Fashion electronic / Computer Retailers
Schools, Pharmacies Unmanned Promotions Department Store and all Retail applications
Tourist Showrooms Museum & Art Galleries Duty Free / Gift shops






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