We can produce everything you need in plastic machined parts to order

Our large stock holdings of many and varied plastics including a large range of colours, thicknesses and grades.

We can Cut, CNC machine, Diamond edge polish, shape, drill, vacuum form weld, thermoform, blow mould, laser cut, screen print, engrave etc.

We work with all styles of plastics such as acrylic (PMMA); Polycarbonate (PC); Polyamides (Nylons); HDPE (high density polyethylene); UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene); PTFE (Teflon or Polytetrafluoroethylene); HIPS, ABS, Acetals (POM); PCTFE; ECTFE, PVC, Polypropylene(PP) and much more.

Our experienced team has been working with plastics for many years, and have much experience in complicated CNC machining. We have the know–how to create what you need from semi-finished products.

We have the knowledge and experience as to what plastic works in each situation. Over the years we have compiled extensive charts of the performance of each grade of plastic in different situations.




UHMWPE items including hoppers, buckets, Chutes, Bins, Wear plates, Chain runners, Wharf buffers, Bridge packs
Acetal items used for Dimensional stability such as close tolerance spacers and bushes
Nylon items including wheels, rollers, Screens, Pads & pulleys
Teflon items such as slide rails, wear plates, stirring impellors for caustic acid at 100°C
Polycarbonate items for machine guards, vandal proof glazing, noise elimination barriers
PVC and Polypropylene equipment for chemical storage situations
Polyurethane items for specialised application including insulation, bolts and nuts
HDPE including in conjunction with other material to maximise needed properties for varied applications
Acrylic (PMMA or Perspex, Plexiglass) for varied displays and utility items such as sight glasses, underwater applications






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