Acrifab’s vision is to provide a niche service to the Australian market in the medium to long run processing of sheet timber and plastic materials. We will provide practical, economic and functional products that enable you to improve your image to the public, to meet the special needs of your company and make your corporation more profitable.

Acrifab was established for the purpose of fulfilling a need in the market place of machining and assembly capabilities for capital or non-current items that you have difficulty in sourcing.

We have set up a new production facility that enables us to provide you with an economic supply of all these items. Originally established in 1981, we have long experience to give you peace of mind that you will get the best advice and solution to your needs and hence the best end product.

Our specialty is in medium to long run processing of sheet timber and plastics with use of aluminium and plastic extrusions to compliment to enable us to manufacture a large and diverse range of products.

We have made an extensive investment in up-to-date equipment such as CNC machinery; hot-wire plastic benders, Diamond Edge Polishers of plastics, ABS Edge banding equipment, turning and milling machines and much more. This enables us to do almost every process in-house so that you get the best value for money.

We are able to work with you on the design of your ideas and convert them into reality so that you can have full assurance that you will end up with a useful and functional item. Over our many years of experience we have established links with many companies both within Australia and offshore so that we are able to procure whatever is needed for your complete project.




ACRIFAB’s mission is to understand our client's needs, exceed their expectations, empower our customers and employees to gain mutual reward from our association.

We place the customer first, strive to be leaders in delivering quality services and products by offering our clients knowledge, know-how and designs to
Our company values long lasting partnerships and we endeavour to provide our customers with confidence, value for money and improved net-worth by managing efficiently and effectively their requirement for

We deliver the mission

1. Acrifab values each individual customer, we constantly endeavour to understand our client's needs, offer flexibility by providing designs and tailor made products & services to exceed customer expectations and provide the finest customer service in machining and assembling of display and other utility products.

2. We expect every one of our employees to put the customer first and do their very best to give our clients peace of mind by understanding their business, identifying and solving problems on their behalf.

3. Supplying quality is our hallmark and we strive continuously to be one of the leaders in the quality of our policies, procedures, products and services in the delivery of display items and utility products.

4. We pride ourselves in developing and maintaining strong long lasting partnerships, alliances and networks , take a collective approach to increasing our customer's net worth through joint problem solving and innovative solutions when creating solutions to your needs.

5. Acrifab Manufacturing offers convenience, experience and expedient solutions for business by providing an all-inclusive service, a one-stop solution provider involving global procurement, supply including warehousing, software design and the latest equipment and manufacturing with high quality.

6. Clients can be reassured when working with Acrifab Manufacturing that we charge a competitive but realistic "value for money" price for our products and services; the focus of our pricing policy being an honest approach to adding mutual value to both our clients and our businesses




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